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2015 MLB Mock Draft

Here is our mock draft for 2015.

The draft order is as of Feb. 9th. Four teams have forfeited their first round pick for signing a top free agent. The Astros will get the second overall pick for not signing their first overall pick from last year, Brady Aiken .

We have not taken into consideration draft tendencies, team needs etc.

We will begin to add videos and profiles shortly.

Mocks - Round 1 | Compensatory A | Competative Balance A

2015 mock draft updated Apr. 15th.

Brendan Rodgers
Ht/Wt:6' 0"/195 lbs
Position: SS
School: Lake Mary HS (FLA)

Draft#:2 *
Nathan Kirby
Ht/Wt:6' 2"/185 lbs
Position: LHP
School: Virginia

Walker Buehler
Ht/Wt:6' 1"/160 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Vanderbilt

Kyle Funkhouser
Ht/Wt:6' 2"/215 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Louisville

Michael Matuella
Ht/Wt:6' 7"/220 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Duke

Dansby Swanson
Ht/Wt:6' 0"/190 lbs
Position: 2B/SS
School: Vanderbilt

Brady Aiken
Ht/Wt:6' 3"/210 lbs
Position: LHP
School: No School

Daz Cameron
Ht/Wt:6' 1"/190 lbs
Position: OF
School: Eagle Landing HS (GA)

Justin Hooper
Ht/Wt:6' 7"/230 lbs
Position: LHP
School: De La Salle HS (CA)

Nick Plummer
Ht/Wt:5'11"/190 lbs
Position: OF
School: Brother Rice HS (MI)

Carson Fulmer
Ht/Wt:5'11"/195 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Vanderbilt

Ashe Russell
Ht/Wt:6' 4"/195 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Cathedral HS (IN)

Alex Bregman
Ht/Wt:6' 0"/190 lbs
Position: SS
School: LSU

Phil Bickford
Ht/Wt:6' 0"/200 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Southern Nevada JC

Trenton Clark
Ht/Wt:6' 0"/200 lbs
Position: OF
School: Richland HS (TX)

Kolby Allard
Ht/Wt:6' 0"/170 lbs
Position: LHP
School: San Clemente HS (CA)

Ian Happ
Ht/Wt:6' 0"/205 lbs
Position: OF
School: Cincinnati

Kyle Cody
Ht/Wt:6' 7"/245 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Kentucky

James Kaprelian
Ht/Wt:6' 4"/200 lbs
Position: RHP
School: UCLA

Chris Betts
Ht/Wt:6' 2"/220 lbs
Position: C/1B
School: Wilson HS (CA)

Mike Nikorak
Ht/Wt:6' 5"/205 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Stroudsburg HS (PA)

Riley Ferrell
Ht/Wt:6' 1"/200 lbs
Position: RHP
School: TCU

Chris Shaw
Ht/Wt:6' 3"/245 lbs
Position: 1B/OF
School: Boston College

Dillon Tate
Ht/Wt:6' 2'/185 lbs
Position: RHP
School: UC Santa Barbara

Jake Lemoine
Ht/Wt:6' 5"/220 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Houston

Cody Ponce
Ht/Wt:6' 5"/235 lbs
Position: RHP
School: Cal Poly Pomona


    2014 MLB Mock Draft Notes

    1st Round Compensation Notes

    # 2 - Houston receives compensation for failure to sign 2014 1st round pick Brady Aiken.

    * The Padres forfeit their 2015 first round pick (would have been 13th overall at the time of signing) by signing James Shields.

    * The Mets forfeit their 2015 first round pick (would have been 15th overall at the time of signing) by signing Michael Cuddyer.

    * The Blue Jays forfeit their 2015 first round pick (would have been 17th overall at the time of signing) by signing Russell Martin.

    * The Mariners forfeit their 2015 first round pick (would have been 19th overall at the time of signing) by signing Nelson Cruz.

    * The Nations forfeit their 2015 first round pick (would have been #27 at the time of the signing) by signing Max Scherzer.