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17th Overall MLB Draft Pick

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A list of players who were taken 17th overall in past MLB drafts.

17th Overall MLB Draft Picks
Year Player Pos. Drafted From Drafted By
2013 Tim Anderson SS East Central HS (MS) Chicago White Sox
2012 DJ Davis OF Stone County HS (MS) Toronto Blue Jays
2011 C.J. Cron 1B Utah Los Angeles Angels
2010 Josh Sale 3B/OF Bishop Blanchet HS (WA) Tampa Bay Rays
2009 AJ Pollock OF Notre Dame Arizona Diamondbacks
2008 David Cooper 1B Cal Toronto Blue Jays
2007 Blake Beavan RHP Irving HS (TX) Texas Rangers
2006 Matt Antonelli 3B Wake Forest San Diego Padres
2005 Carl Henry SS Putnam City (OK) HS New York Yankees
2004 Timothy Elbert LHP Seneca HS (MO) Los Angeles Dodgers
2003 David Murphy CF Baylor U (TX) Boston Red Sox
2002 Cole Hamels P Rancho Bernardo HS (CA) Philadelphia Phillies
2001 Daniel Denham P Deer Valley HS (Antioch,CA) Cleveland Indians
2000 Ben Diggins P University of Arizona Los Angeles Dodgers
1999 Rick Asadoorian OF Northbridge HS (MA) Boston Red Sox
1998 Brad Lidge P University of Notre Dame Houston Astros
1997 John Curtice P Great Bridge HS (VA) Boston Red Sox
1996 Todd Noel P North Vermillion HS (LA) Chicago Cubs
1995 Roy Halladay P West HS (Arvada,CO) Toronto Blue Jays
1994 Ramon Castro C Lino Padron Rivera HS (PR) Houston Astros
1993 Scott Christman P Oregon State University Chicago White Sox
1992 Jim Pittsley P Dubois Area HS (Dubois,PA) Kansas City Royals
1991 Eduardo Perez 1B Florida State University California Angels
1990 Jeromy Burnitz OF Oklahoma State University New York Mets
1989 Cal Eldred P University of Iowa Milwaukee Brewers
1988 Charles Nagy P University of Connecticut Cleveland Indians
1987 Alex Sanchez P UCLA Toronto Blue Jays
1986 Scott Scudder P Prairiland HS (Blossom,TX) Cincinnati Reds
1985 Brian McRae SS Manatee HS (FL) Kansas City Royals
1984 Don August P Chapman University Houston Astros
1983 Terry Bell C Old Dominion University Seattle Mariners
1982 Tony Woods SS Whittier College Chicago Cubs
1981 Ricky Barlow P Woodville HS (TX) Detroit Tigers
1980 Dennis Rasmussen P Creighton University California Angels