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Jackson Jobe
Ht/Wt: 6' 3"/190 lbs
Position: RHP
Team: Heritage Hall

Jackson Jobe - Prospect Profile

Prospects Live - Mar. 18: "The fastball is now comfortably 91-94, touching 95 with big riding action. You canít talk about Jobe with mentioning his slider, arguably the top pitch in the prep class. Itís a 3000+ rpm breaker with huge depth and violent late-life."

Michael Dault - Through The Fence Baseball - Mar. 13th: "Jackson Jobe is more valuable as a pitcher, and he has attributes that are hard to ignore. His slider might be the best slider in this entire draft."

Kiley McDaniel - ESPN - Feb. 26th: "Jobe is a two-way athlete who looks like he will be better professionally on the mound, in the mid-90s and regularly flashing breaking ball RPMs well over 3000."

R.J. Anderson - CBS Sports - Feb. 15th: "Life has afforded him many possible paths; the one he seems likeliest to travel down leads to the mound, where he displays a Trackman-approved fastball-slider pairing and where he has a history of throwing strikes. Jobe, like most every prep right-hander, is likely to be dinged for the failures of the macro."

Carlos Collazo - Baseball America - Jan. 26th: "A fastball up to 95 mph and a 3,000+ rpm slider will do that. Scouts would like to see him take a step forward in his strike throwing to more effectively use both loud pitches."

Ian Smith - Prospects 365 - Nov. 8: "Flashes an above average to plus changeup on occasion as well. Fairly raw on the mound from an experience standpoint, but you could never tell from his operation. A simple, repeatable delivery to the mound, and of course the advanced feel to spin."

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